First United Methodist Church of Ridgeland
Monday, July 15, 2019
As ambassadors of Jesus Christ we go into our community and the world to bring people into God’s Kingdom.
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Pastor's Welcome

Along Jackson Street nestled between the City of Old Ridgeland and The First Baptist Church of Ridgeland, you will find The First Methodist Church of Ridgeland, MS.  We are often overlooked as some think we are an extension of the congregation of our dear Baptist sisters and brothers to the west, and others a park belonging to the City of Ridgeland on the east. But the sanctuary, fellowship hall, education building, the historic original wooden framed church building, and the beautiful grounds, enhanced by the shade of draping oaks, are all part of our campus. Even so, we gladly offer this beautiful rustic setting to any wishing to stroll the peaceful hallowed grounds, spend a few minutes of time in a prayerful place, or just bring their children to play on our playground as many do.

Offering ourselves has become our way of life. While our mission is making disciples of Jesus Christ, our vision is of a church that has not forgotten the intimacy of the early small churches of the first century, yet standing ready to give all we have for the love of Christ and the love of neighbor. This we have learned from Scripture and the centuries of the richness of the tradition of Christianity.


Yes, we are small but our passion burns bright. Our interests lie, not so much in big programs, or even being a perfect church, but in our church vocation and call in ministry to the heart of our community and the world.


 Our vision is a community of people who love God, love one another and help one another on this tremendous journey of life that leads to light. We invite you to come and share and journey with us in the humbleness of our humanity and the glory of the triune God's divinity. We have found that it is amazing how such a simple thing as this can direct one's life toward a happiness achieved through giving of ourselves just as Christ has given for all of us.


See you this Sunday at 10:45 a.m. Come and meet some new folks that you think you have known all your life!