First United Methodist Church of Ridgeland
Sunday, May 31, 2020
As ambassadors of Jesus Christ we go into our community and the world to bring people into God's Kingdom.
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Order of Worship



In order to begin worshipping in person again, while mitigating risk of COVID-19, please be prepared to follow these safety instructions based on the Mississippi State Health Department Guidelines for Churches.


SUNDAY, JUNE 7 is the tentative date for resuming in-person worship. 

Please be aware that at any time this can change depending on the number of COVID-19 cases in our state. 

  1. FAMILY GROUPS: In the Spirit of the early church, we will worship in God’s house in small groups. There are ten people per FAMILY group, with two FAMILY groups participating Sunday’s at 10:45AM, and two more FAMILY Groups participating Wednesday’s at 6:00PM. 

  2. GROUP LEADERS: Each FAMILY Group will be assigned a group leader who will call you when it is your group's turn to attend worship that week. They will also give you ways to serve, as each FAMILY group is assigned a homebound person to check on and cheer on during this time. Your group leader will also inform you of any changes to safety rules. Upon arrival to your reserved worship service, your group leader will be stationed at one of the two main entrances to the sanctuary. Leaders will be responsible for checking you in and out of worship, assigning you a pew, provide required hand sanitizer, and will check to make sure you are wearing a mask. Back-up masks will be made available to adults and children who forget theirs. 

  3. WAYS TO ATTEND WORSHIP: FAMILY Group members may not (at this time) trade spots with other family group’s members, as some groups are meant to keep more vulnerable people safe. If you cannot make your time, if it’s not your group's turn, or you are still nervous about indoor gatherings there will be live-streaming of the Sunday service on Facebook live so we can still all worship together in spirit. 

  4. MASKS: Masks are required, so there will always be a few available to borrow in individual plastic bags at your assigned entrance for children and adults. These are made to CDC specifications and must be returned once you are ready to depart. Children are not required to wear masks in order to gain entry, but should try to wear one until in their assigned pew, and then again when leaving the building. They are, however, required to stay in their “pew lane” when inside the Sanctuary. Borrowed church masks may be discarded at the door once you are ready to walk directly to your vehicle. Masks will be bleached, washed and individually re-packaged for the next service. 

  5. RESTROOMS: As the Fellowship Hall will not yet be opened, we hope to have a ramp to the Educational Building completed before our first service back. Those aged 55 and over will use the girl’s restroom in the Educational Building. Those aged 54 and younger will use the boy’s restrooms in the Educational Building. Restrooms are only for emergencies, so we have shortened our service to 30-40 minutes for your comfort. 

  6. GIVING: Online giving is always available through our website,, however, there will be offering plates just inside your assigned entrance too. Thank you for your generosity, especially during this time.

  7. SAY WHAT? Are you concerned or upset? This new normal can be very jarring to all of us at different times. Please do not hesitate to call your Pastor. You can vent, cry, yell, or just let me pray for you. I’m always here to listen and learn. 601-831-4312


This is not forever, but it does allow us to add a little more joy into our lives. I can’t wait to see you again! 


Pastor Bess